Quincy QRDT Reciprocating Air Compressor
• Two-Stage 5-30 HP
• Oil-Less

The Quincy QRDT™ two-stage, oil-less reciprocating air compressor meets NFPA99 requirements for hospital and medical compressed air. The Quincy QRDT utilizes graphite gaskets that are totally asbestos free, complying with EPA health standards. Using two stages of compression, the Quincy QRDT can deliver up to 150 psig pressure with an air-cooled intercooler and aftercooler as standard equipment. The Quincy QRDT provides absolutely clean air.

  • 5-30 hp
  • Two-stage, 150 psig maximum
  • Cast iron crankcase and main bearing carrier
  • One-piece, high-strength ductile iron connecting rods
  • Totally sealed, pre-lubricated bearings for long life
  • Hard-coat anodized and precision-honed aluminum cylinders and head
  • All polymeric reinforced PTFE piston and rider rings
  • Hard-coat anodized and Teflon impregnated valve plates
  • Stainless steel reed valves
  • Integral counterweights on ductile iron crankshaft
  • Lubricated and sealed needle bearings for the piston pins
  • Patented free-floating piston pins designed for all connecting rods
  • HAT switches in head. HAT wiring kit module
  • Air-cooled intercooler
  • Integral air-cooled 15°F approach aftercooler (20, 25 and 30 HP models)
  • Head unloaders relieve second stage pressure providing optimum piston life

Model HP CFM (100 PSIG)
QRDT-5 5 15.5
QRDT-7.5 7.5 26.5
QRDT-10 10 38.6
QRDT-15 15 51.0
QRDT-20 20 81.5
QRDT-25 25 100.0


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